Affirmation for Positive Change

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Hyssop

Today is the day most Americans know as Columbus Day. It is also now called Indigenous Peoples’ Day, in acknowledgment of the fact that there were indigenous people already living here when Columbus “discovered” the New World. It was, in fact, only new to him.

Our reality, or at least our awareness of it, is a constantly shifting and changing space. This can be tough to deal with, but it is important for us to constantly strive to change for the better. On this day in particular, and any other day that it feels right, try doing this simple affirmation or meditation. ( You can do it as either or both.) Say:

I am open to positive change.
I work for positive change in
myself and in the world.

If you want, you can just sit with these words for a moment, or you can close your eyes and meditate on what a better world or a better self would look like to you.

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