Rise Above It Spell

Color of the day:  Rose
Incense of the day:  Alder

Both the sun and Mars are in Libra today, bringing about a strong desire for people to find middle ground and transcend issues. It is a time when the cosmos is calling us to let go of our ego. Sometimes this is hard, but don’t worry—this spell is meant to help you take the high road when it would be easier to take a lower one or not budge at all.

In a medium-size bowl, put one cup of salt, three sprigs of fresh peppermint, the peel of one whole lemon, and three pinches of catnip. Using your index finger, stir the ingredients together and visualize the problem moving from your mind down into the bowl through your finger, and allow the mixture to absorb it. Lift the bowl over your head and walk counterclockwise in a small circle three times. As you do this, say:

I rise above this mess that’s made,
and now I see resistance fade.

Put the bowl in a western corner and leave it there until the matter is resolved.

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