Feast the Dead Spell

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Lilac

The spirit world is close to us in October. This is a good time to let the spirit realm know we’re thinking of them. One of the best ways to do this is to “feed” the spirits.

For this ritual you’ll need a red apple. Apples are traditionally one of the main foods used to honor the deceased. Perform this ritual tonight if it’s windy or on any other windy autumn night. First, wash the apple and wipe it dry. Then hold the apple and say:

Tonight as the wild winds roar,
I set this apple by my door.
This ancient fruit so red,
Help me honor and feast the dead.
Abroad in the night or beyond the stars,
I honor all spirits wherever they are.

Now place the apple outside by your door. In the morning, if the apple is still there, place it gently in a wooded area or bury it. The spirits will thank you in positive ways.

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