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The Mighty Chestnut

Color of the day:  Green
Incense of the day:  Clove

They’re chartreuse-colored and spiky. They look like something from a children’s storybook. Folk magick manuals say they’re used in love and prosperity spells. Grown-ups have childhood memories of drilling holes in them and playing games with them, and squirrels devour and bury them with glee. At Yule and Christmastime, a favorite song about roasting them over an open fire plays over and over again. The mighty chestnut, how we adore thee!

For this spell you will need three chestnuts. Hold them in your hands and say:

Mighty chestnut, three times three,
From spiky green to magnificent tree.
Powers of love and prosperity,
Thank you for granting these to me!

Place the chestnuts on your prosperity altar or bury them in your back yard.

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