Hermit Day Meditation

Color of the day:  Purple
Incense of the day:  Vanilla

October 29 is known as National Hermit Day. The Hermit card in the tarot refers to the need to experience solitude in an effort to do some soul-searching and gain spiritual insight from the silence. Time spent alone is important in order to become more grounded and centered and begin anew on your spiritual path. Practicing meditation will help you access the whispers of your soul and connect you to the voice of your spirit guides and the divine.

Sit in a comfortable position or lie on the floor. Take several deep cleansing breaths with your eyes closed and dive into the depths of your third eye. Do not try to control or anticipate what you might see. Breathe deeply and evenly until you are in the flow, and relax while you discover where your meditative visions take you.

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