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Sisters' Plait Prayer

Color of the day:  Topaz
Incense of the day:  Honeysuckle

The season of family and holiday gatherings can fill us with a sense of dread if we don’t have common tasks at hand to keep us busy and focused on the real reasons we have to celebrate. Braiding and brushing hair is something that targets our core instincts of social comfort and familiarity. When we let someone close to our hair, we are trusting that they will make us look and feel good about ourselves.

We can also choose to learn new braids and innovative ways to help others look their best. Take some time today to braid a friend’s or sister’s hair, visit the salon, or otherwise treat yourself to that feeling of comfort and security. As you get your hair done or do someone else’s, say or think the flowing prayer:

Sisters, we work together effortlessly,
Woven in trinity.
Stronger together,
We share our energy.

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