An Inner Journey Spell

Color of the day:  Blue
Incense of the day:  Sandalwood

November is a good time to journey inside ourselves to find the answers we seek. For this spell you’ll need a white cloth, a white votive candle, and the Hermit card from a tarot deck.

Cover your altar with the cloth and light the candle. Then lay the Hermit card in front of the candle. Study the card. The Hermit is your guide for this inner journey. He’s all-knowing. He wants to help, but you must listen— to your inner voice. Concentrate on your question and say:

Hermit, guide me along
the path I should go.
Reveal to me the wisdom
I should know.

Meditate on your need for no more than ten minutes, then thank the Hermit and go about your daily routine. Leave the card on your altar for about a day, then return the card to its deck. The answer will come to you. Use the cloth and candle for other meditations.

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