Rose Milk

Color of the day:  Black
Incense of the day:  Cedar

Roses are famous for their association with love of all kinds—romance, friendship, goodwill, devotion, and more. Something many people don’t realize is that rose petals are also edible. To make rose milk, you will need one fresh rose and a cup of milk (either dairy or vegan). Make absolutely certain your rose comes from an organic source and has not been sprayed with chemicals.

Pull the petals off the rose one by one and place them in the shape of a heart on your altar or any flat surface. Put the glass of milk in the center. Visualize pink, loving light all around the rose petals. Now drop the petals into the milk one at a time. With each petal, state out loud something you’d like to attract in a relationship, such as trust, affection, support, or physical chemistry.

Allow the petals to sit in the milk for an hour in the fridge, then strain them out and dispose of them. Drink the milk or add it to your cereal or coffee. Focus on the pink vibrations that are now in your body, drawing loving energies straight to you.

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