Fuzzy Slipper Magick

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Pine

Today we’re going to use our third eye vision and look ahead into the future. I’m envisioning a day in the near future when you’ll want to relax, let go, and be. It will come after a time when you’ve been working hard spiritually, emotionally, or physically. This will be the day when you’ll need some fuzzy slipper magick.

Today, cast your eyes into the future and visualize a special pair of slippers or socks that make you feel instantly relaxed and comforted. Hold to that vision and visit it frequently until you see those magickal socks or slippers appear in an ad or a store. On that day, purchase or procure those slippers so that when your day of need arises, you will have magickally brought into being that which you need most, solidifying your power to visualize and manifest.

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