Self- Esteem Spell

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Eucalyptus

Jupiter has been slowly moving through Aquarius all year and will soon be making its exit. This is the time to plow through issues surrounding your self-esteem and any other personal traits that might make you feel ill-equipped to handle life. Cast this spell to break free from the self-esteem barrier.

You will need the Wheel of Fortune, the Star, and the Empress cards from a tarot deck, as well as a candle of any color. Lay the cards out in the order listed here, ground your energy, and then light the candle.

Touch the Wheel of Fortune card and say:

By Jupiter and fate,
I claim my right!

Then touch the Star card and say:

By Aquarius and hope,
I claim my faith!

Lastly, touch the Empress card and say:

By the Goddess, I claim this life!
By all three, so must it be!

Leave the cards out somewhere visible for thirteen days, and allow the candle to burn out safely on its own.

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