Crafting Faery Beds

Color of the day:  Orange
Incense of the day:  Almond

Using recycled materials to craft small beds for the faeries is a fun way to celebrate the Pagan Yuletide and talk about sustainability, recycling, and how to manifest our hopes and dreams for the future in a world where climate change is part of the daily dialogue. Collect milk or juice boxes, soup cans, egg cartons, and other recycled cups or lids that are small enough for a faery to take a nap in. Sculpt and decorate each bed to your liking.

Stuff muslin sachet bags with lavender and dreamtime herbs like chamomile. Craft some cozy blankets by cutting up old shirts and socks. Hang these on a faery altar or keep them around the home to help promote good dreams. Decorate with images of your dreams and aspirations in life, and ask the faeries to dream a little dream of you!

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