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A Pine Blessing

Color of the day:  Purple
Incense of the day:  Rose

Pine has a purifying quality and is perfect to use in blessing rituals at this time of year. Use this ritual to bless your home and family.

You’ll need a bayberry-scented candle, two small pine branches, and a heatproof container, cauldron, or fireplace. Place the candle on your altar and safely light it. In front of the candle, lay the pine branches. Position them so they form a cross. Sit before your altar and say:

Pine, you’re an ancient and mighty tree.
Bless my family and our home.
Protect us from any negativity.

End the ritual by burning the pine branches in the heatproof container, cauldron, or fireplace. Snuff out the candle, but continue to burn it as you wish through New Year’s Day. When the ashes cool, discard them.

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