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Sanctuary Spell

Color of the day:  Gold
Incense of the day:  Heliotrope

The moon is in its home sign of Cancer for most of the day, and we may be feeling a desire to be around a few less people today and stick to ourselves. The winter solstice draws near, and the things that truly matter are likely to be on our mind. Before the rush of the holidays takes full effect, use the power of the Cancer moon to create a place of sanctuary and peace in your home.

For this spell you will need some lavender water and four small to medium-size pieces of citrine, selenite, black tourmaline, or clear quartz. Cleanse your home and the stones using your favorite method, then place one stone each at the front door, back door, common area, and bedroom. Next, lightly sprinkle lavender water around your home and chant the following verse repeatedly until you have covered the entire home:

This sanctuary is blessed by
the Goddess; the Goddess
resides within this space.

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