A Day for Quiet

Color of the day:  Purple
Incense of the day:  Mint

One of the benefits of winter is that it is a calmer, quieter time. Spring is full of rebirth, noisy and energetic. Summer is busy, as we try to take advantage of the nicer weather and get outside to work or play or take vacations. Fall is harvest time or going back to school. But in the winter, things slow down a bit.

If you live in a northern clime, the snow might blanket the ground and bring its special hush. Even in warmer places, the beaches may empty of crowds. Take time today to embrace that quiet, slower pace. Whether you choose to meditate or take a walk or chop vegetables for a pot of soup, try to be fully present in whatever you do. Let the silence speak to you. And when it feels right, say this spell:

Winter quiet,
Work your magic.
Calm my spirit
And soothe my soul.

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