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Incense Clock

Color of the day:  Amber
Incense of the day:  Frankincense

Ageisha’s time entertaining is often marked by incense sticks called ohana. Her fees are determined by how many ohana have burned while she sings, dances, and tells stories—an incense clock. The average stick of incense burns for sixty to ninety minutes, which is plenty of time to utilize its cleansing smoke to lift and carry away what no longer serves you.

Choose a scent that corresponds with your situation (e.g., rose for love and relationships, dragon’s blood for anxiety and negativity, and lavender for healing and cleansing). Roll the stick gently between your fingers and tell it your troubles. Light the incense and let the smoke envelop you. You can go about your business while it burns safely or stay and meditate on what needs to be cleansed. Reset this incense clock as many times as needed to cleanse your spirit.

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