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Winter Wish-Craft

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Lily

There was a huge billboard overlooking a major intersection in a city where I once lived, showing a runner, in winter, in the slush. The caption read something like “Winter. We’ve only had it for 100 million years. Get used to it.” That poster inspired me to engage in winter wishcraft. I longed to change winter from a season I dreaded and barely tolerated to something I embraced and enjoyed.

I realized that enjoying winter necessitated having the right gear for the weather. I started wishing and made a list: Stylish, warm, waterproof boots. A full-length, lightweight down coat. Attractive bright-colored mittens and hats. Soft, warm wool socks. Gradually my wishes came true. I acquired the gear needed to enjoy winter weather every day.

These days I snowshoe, hike, and even go winter camping. Do you want to get outdoors and be active? Acquire good gear. Make a wish. Make a list.

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