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Saving Winter

Color of the day:  Rose
Incense of the day:  Vanilla

Winter used to be something th at people wanted protection from. Now climate change means that winter itself needs protection. According to the Celtic calendar, today is King Frost Day. Traditionally, people gathered to ask King Frost and the Queen of the Snowflakes to end winter and bring spring. Today you can flip this around and ask them to stay longer.

For this spell you need a window crystal or other ornament shaped like a snowflake. Take it outside in the cold winter air and say:

King Frost and Snowflake Queen,
Hold back the creeping green.
Let winter linger more
While spring is yet in store.

Find some snow or ice and touch the snowflake crystal to it. Repeat the verse again. Finally, take the snowflake crystal back indoors and hang it in your window as a reminder to protect winter and its guardian spirits.

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