Uniting with Love

Color of the day:  Black
Incense of the day:  Geranium

In India, February 8 is known as Propose Day, a popular time to profess one’s love for a significant other. In a twist on this theme, today’s spell is an opportunity to propose to the most important person you will ever meet: you.

Throughout life, we all discover aspects of ourselves that don’t meet with societal approval or match the identity our ego holds dear. These rejected parts, relegated to the unconscious, can weaken what is known as the unified will: a powerfully cohesive sense of self and conduit of inner wisdom.

This self-love declaration is designed to help unite the parts within, unifying your will and supercharging any of your efforts, magical and mundane.

Gazing at yourself in a mirror, conjure up waves of self-love as you recite:

Inner, outer, light, and dark,

I unite all things within my heart.

My being entire, I am whole,

And the light of truth
shines in my soul.

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