Put a Curse on Ice Spell

Color of the day:  Pink
Incense of the day:  Alder

Ice, one of the greatest forces of nature, can help weaken and remove a curse. If you feel you’ve been cursed and you know its source, this spell will help weaken the curse with harm to none. Write the name of the curse’s source on a small piece of paper. Fold the paper. Place the paper in a small freezer bag, and add enough water to cover the paper. Then place the bag in the freezer. When frozen, remove the bag and say this charm:

With ice, the opposite of fire,
Free me from this curse as I desire.
With ice this curse’s power is locked.
As it melts, the curse’s power will stop.

Allow the ice to melt. When melted, pour the water and paper on the ground away from your home. The ice will serve to lock or “freeze” the curse’s power. As the ice melts, the curse will weaken and eventually be stopped.

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