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Tarot Spread for the Unseen

Color of the day:  Lavender
Incense of the day:  Neroli

Today is Card Reading Day. Many people will reread greeting cards, but you can also read tarot cards. With the waning moon in Scorpio today, there’s an added dimension of going deep. This tarot spread picks up on your blind spot, or that which you keep hidden from yourself.

Hold a deck of tarot cards and connect with it. Pass it around your waist widdershins (counterclockwise) three times and say:

Deck of cards, tell me true,
Reveal what’s hidden,
through and through.

Shuffle the cards and think about your blind spot. Choose four cards from the middle of the deck that intuitively feel right.

Card 1: The blind spot—what is hidden from you
Card 2: How you perceive it                                                                                                      Card 3: How others perceive it
Card 4: How to make friends with it

Write the messages down in your journal and meditate on the meanings. Negative cards may indicate that shadow work is needed.

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