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Contemplating Ibeji Altar

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Basil

Today is a unique day. It’s a date filled with twos, as in 2/22/2022. This brings to mind the Yoruba orisha Ibeji, the sacred twins: Taiwo (first born) and Kehinde (second born). Yorubaland, a place in and around Nigeria, has a 5 percent twins birth rate. Twins are revered there and are considered one soul in two bodies. Ibeji brings fun, mischief, childish curiosity, and abundance. On this ideal day to conjure the twins, create an altar to draw them near.

On a small red and blue piece of fabric, set out a nonmetallic plate (earthenware or wood). On this plate, place candies, cakes, and baby bananas (Manzanos). Make the Ibeji’s favorite dish: arroz con pollo (“rice with chicken”). There are wonderful recipes for this dish online. Put this in a Pyrex or wooden bowl. Do some reflection on the magickal qualities of Ibeji and divination to let you know when to dispose of these items and take apart your altar.

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