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Find Your Household Deity

Color of the day:  Purple
Incense of the day:  Alder

People all around the world have honored gods and goddesses who bless and protect their homes. Where did your ancestors live? Search back as far as you can, not just to the city your grandparents lived in but to the land where your many-times-greatgrandparents lived. Read about the history of that land, about the beliefs of the people. Find the household god or goddess in your family history— a food giver, perhaps, or one who protects the hearth or the pantry, or a giver of hospitality.

Set up a new household altar in a place where you’ll never have to move it. Cast a circle that encloses your entire home (including the garage and the garden, if applicable). Invoke your ancestral deity:

Beneficent one, ____ (name of deity),

As my foremothers and forefathers
honored and called to you,

I also ask for your protection
and blessing of my home.

Live with me. Bless my home.

Bring harmony, comfort, and
happiness in my home.

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