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Flower Magick

Color of the day:  Indigo
Incense of the day:  Magnolia

For some people, winter is grueling, with long, dark days and very cold weather. For others, it is more foggy, damp, and dreary. The advent of spring opens new windows of magickal possibilities, represented beautifully by the unfurling of new bright green leaves and flowers. Today is just the day to engage with flowers, as it is Plant a Flower Day. Narcissus is a readily available, heady-scented harbinger of spring. Moreover, its aromatic possibilities in the home are endless. Its scent has a very positive effect by uplifting the spirits. Narcissus also brings prosperity and wealth, good luck, clarity, and inspiration. In temperate zones it is still too cold to plant outdoors, but this activity is a great way for anyone to engage in nature.

Fill a three-to-four-inch container without drainage holes with tiny pebbles or small river rocks. Pack some narcissus bulbs into the container. Gently place the bulbs so they are balanced on the stones. Do not bruise or break the bulbs. Add enough water to cover the bottoms of the bulbs. Add a splash of alcohol to the water.

Breathe in the deep, floral high notes of your narcissus once they bloom and feel your spirits soar!

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