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Planting the Seed of Abundance

Color of the day:  Scarlet
Incense of the day:  Geranium

Honensai, or Harvest Festival, is a Japanese celebration of fertility and prosperity. So today, reflect on the abundance that is already richly flowing through your life, and contemplate what you’d like to channel this energy into next. A creative project? A budding friendship? Your physical health?

Once you’ve chosen a focus, select a crystal that symbolizes your desire, such as aventurine for new friendship, apatite for creative projects, or clear quartz as a multipurpose crystal ally. Come into a meditative state, holding the crystal, and imagine it as a potent seed, containing the spark of your desired outcome at its core. Visualize this seed germinating and flourishing, putting forth an abundance of divine energy in relation to your goal as you recite:

I call upon (crystal name)
as I plant this seed,
Open to abundance, ready to receive.
My heart’s desire unfolds most true,
With love and gratitude,
in comes the new!

Keep the crystal in your pocket or display it where you can see it often.

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