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Serpent Wisdom Spell

Color of the day:  Crimson
Incense of the day:  Balsam

The snake is an ancient symbol of wisdom, creation, transformation, magic, and healing. Serpentine tattoos and wearing snake jewelry can help call upon the protection of the serpent spirit, but sometimes you need something more subtle on your body.

Infuse some olive oil (or similar oil) with powder made from dragon’s blood resin in a small bottle just before the moon is full. Set it on your altar and shake it gently in the morning and evening for at least three days. Then dip your finger in the oil and draw a snake on your arm or leg, from wrist to elbow or ankle to knee. Start with a full fingerprint to make the head, then draw the body slithering, with the tail pointing toward the center of your body. Say:

Serpent dwelling within,
protect me without,
Slithering above, below,
and all about.
Watchful eyes, long fluid spine,
and sparkling scales.
Guide and bring me safely
through dangerous trails.

Refresh as needed.

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