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Doodle Meditation

Color of the day:  Gold
Incense of the day:  Hyacinth

It’s a wonderful day to strengthen your divination abilities and meditate on abundance at the same time. Today is National Scribble Day!

First, utilize the fire element to aid your work in two ways:

1. Light an orange candle for energy and a green candle for abundance.
2. Light some rose incense to invoke creativity and the goddess Lakshmi.

Beautiful Lakshmi, of the Hindu pantheon, will shower your day with fruitful relationships, steadfast love, money, and abundance.

First, obtain a piece of plain brown paper (paper bag or kraft paper) of the desired size.

Tape the paper to a sturdy, smooth surface, like your desk or, if working smaller, a clipboard.

Set an intention having to do with abundance.

With any pen or pencil of your liking, begin scribbling. Take some cleansing breaths, relax your body, and scribble some more. Do this until you feel like you’ve expended your energy on your full intent.

Gaze deeply at your scribbling. What does it suggest you do to allow abundance to flow into your life? Extinguish the candles and incense when you’re done.

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