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Grand New Start

Color of the day:  Coral
Incense of the day:  Mint

This spell takes advantage of the new moon today to create paths and connections where there were none before. You’ll need the Fool tarot card, a white chime candle, a candleholder, honey, meadowsweet, and a lighter.

At your altar, place the Fool card before you upside down. Dress the top quarter of the candle with honey, and think about how sweet your new beginning will be. Sprinkle the meadowsweet over the top of the candle while imagining you’re being showered in blessings. Say:

With candle, honey,
Fire, and meadowsweet,
I conjure a Grand New Start!
A new path appears before me!

Secure the candle in the candleholder— envision you’re planting your new beginning in the fertile earth. Light the candle. When you feel a new road opening before you, turn the Fool card upright. Stay with the candle until it has burned down completely. Place the Fool card back in your deck.

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