Bandage Sigil Spell

Color of the day:  Blue
Incense of the day:  Pine

Bandages protect cuts and scrapes on our bodies from the outside world as we heal. They’re also blank canvases that we can use to help the healing process move a little faster. For this spell you’ll need a clear quartz crystal, a pen, paper, and a bandage.

Hold the crystal in one hand and imagine your wound is all healed up. Feel how good that would be. Write down four words that describe that feeling. Convert them into symbols, and combine the symbols to create a sigil. Meditate on the healing power of this sigil for a few breaths. When your energy feels higher, draw the sigil on your bandage and place the crystal over it. Say:

Healing sigil, helpful sign,
Bring me back to health divine.

After a few breaths, remove the crystal and go about your day. Whenever you see the bandage, send your body positive energy. When you need to replace the bandage, redraw the sigil and charge it up with the spell.

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