The Art of Bibliomancy

Color of the day:  Crimson
Incense of the day:  Myrrh

It’s National Library Week, the perfect time for a little bibliomancy! Bibliomancy is the art of divining the future or receiving spirit-directed guidance from a book. This method is pretty simple, but it’s surprisingly effective—often serving up just the right information for the moment.

Some folks use a Bible, but I prefer to run my fingers down a bookshelf with my eyes closed and pull at whatever book catches or gives a little vibe. You could also use a favorite book of poems, lore, or other text that means something to you.

From there, I will either let the book fall open, if it’s a hardcover, or fan the pages with my fingers, if it’s a softcover, opening where it stops. Wherever my eyes fall first is the passage to read, but other people like to draw their finger down the page and stop where they feel is right. What you find and read will be a message of inspiration for you.

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