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A Solar Eclipse Meditation

Color of the day:  Blue
Incense of the day:  Ivy

Today we have a new moon and a solar eclipse occurring. Many occultists believe, however, that the day of a solar eclipse isn’t a good day to work magic. When the earth is in the “shadow” of an eclipse, magic could go awry. But this is an excellent day to meditate about new directions or projects you wish to take on.

You’ll need one orange candle and the Hermit card from a Tarot deck. The candle will represent the sun, while the lantern or torch that the Hermit is carrying will represent the wisdom you’re seeking. Place the candle on your altar, but don’t light it yet. In front of it lay the Hermit card faceup. Gaze at the card and ask for its help in guiding you along the correct path to achieve your goal. Then safely light the candle. Visualize the sun shining after the eclipse, lighting your way. Meditate on the Hermit guiding you. When done, safely snuff out the candle. Return the card to its deck. Record any thoughts in a journal.

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