Clean Sweep

Color of the day:  Pink
Incense of the day:  Alder

This spell is designed to clear out energy that no longer serves, neutralizing and recycling it back into the cosmic flow where it can be put to better use. You’ll need to gather some sort of natural debris that you can sweep away without littering, such as sticks, leaves, pebbles, or sand.

In a ritual mindset, arrange the debris intuitively while bringing to mind the situation or pattern you wish to clear. Allow the debris to become a symbol of this situation. Spend a few minutes in meditation, contemplating how this energy has affected your life, expressing gratitude for its lessons, difficult as they may be.

When you’re ready, say farewell and sweep the arrangement away, completely dispersing the energy and returning it to the greater cycle of life, where it can be composted and reused. Take a few minutes to enjoy a new sense of liberation and clarity.

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