Dream Processing and Remembrance

Color of the day:  Ivory
Incense of the day:  Narcissus

It’s a well-known fact that our subconscious mind communicates messages to us in the dreamscape. Additionally, our time of rest allows our brain, our mind, and our consciousness to assimilate previous experiences. Sleep also allows the body to repair itself on a cellular level.

The full moon is a time of illumination and insight. Before going to sleep tonight, meditate with a large piece of amethyst in the dark. Speak nine times to the stone (nine being the esoteric Qabalistic number of the moon) the following words:

I remember and feel my dreams tonight;
they will provide me healing insight.

Put the stone in a glass of water on your bedside table. It’s even better if the water can receive some moonlight!

Upon waking, meditate while slowly sipping the water. Make note of any dream insights or memories, and consider repeating the spell on other full moons.

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