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Beginning of La Fete de la Nature

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Lilac

La fête de la nature (the Party of Nature) occurs every year around International Day of Biodiversity. To celebrate, we’ll create Nana Buluku. This fierce wisewoman and powerful witch created the universe. Nana Buluku is called Lady of the Swamp and Lady of the Clay. Prominent in West Africa’s Fon, Ketu, and Yoruba pantheons, she rose up from the primordial swamp and loves everything connected to it. We’ll conjure her energies outdoors; she’s too powerful for magick indoors.

Gather these materials:
• 8 cups (or more) soil
• Jug of spring water
• Cowrie shells (or other seashells)
• Rose petals and buds
• Freshly collected leaves

To invoke Nana Buluku’s energy, make an earth mound, symbolic of her fertility. Think loving thoughts of gratitude as you conjure creativity from this divine herbalist.

Moisten the soil with the water, just enough to be able to work it. Shape an earth mound with your hands. (Do not use a knife or any metal, as this will anger her.) Decorate with the shells, rose petals and buds, and leaves.

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