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World Bee Day

Color of the day:  Pink
Incense of the day:  Rose

Today is World Bee Day. Bees are of vital importance to our ecosystems and human food production, and wild bee populations have been in significant decline for over forty years. Year after year, bees bless us with the beauty of flowers and trees, the magic of herbs, the sweetness of honey, and the sustenance of fruit, nuts, and seeds. So today, bless the bees. First, close your eyes and place your hands in prayer pose. Take some deep breaths and connect with Mother Earth. Say:

Gaia, Great Goddess, please bless the
bees. Surround them with the golden
light of wellness and vitality. Help
them multiply and thrive. Thank you.

Then plant one or more plants that support bees in your garden or an outdoor pot, or gift someone you know with such a plant (or seeds). Plants that support bees include borage, crocus, bee balm, goldenrod, calendula, and sunflower.

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