Water Bowl Spell

Color of the day:  Red
Incense of the day:  Basil

Water bowls are altar items that represent the moon. They help connect you with lunar power and manifest that which you seek.

Set a large bowl on your altar and fill it with water. Sprinkle a handful of sea salt into the bowl and say:

Bowl of water sprinkled with salt,
I call upon the ocean’s heart.

Place your hands on either side of the bowl and take a deep breath in. Feel the rocking waves of the ocean within you. Say:

With pure intent and crescent moon,
I ask ocean, moon, and
water to gift me a boon.

Speak your wish aloud to the surface of the water. Anoint your third eye and temples with the water, then give thanks.

Leave the water bowl on your altar for the whole moon cycle, each day anointing your third eye and temples and giving thanks. Your boon should arrive by the end of the moon cycle.

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