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Sacred Prayer

Color of the day:  Red
Incense of the day:  Geranium

Here is a prayer for the summer solstice. Feel free to reword it as you wish.

I welcome the east, where energy rises;
call in the south, where the light
reaches; gather the west, where we seek
sacred rest; and greet the north, where
we sink into our roots. Hail above,
where our planetary parents Sun and
Moon reside, and below, where all
that has come before informs us.

Rise. Reach. Rest. Roots.
Above and below.

I place my hands on my heart and
know that as I stand in the bright
light of the summer solstice, I
celebrate mother and father, above
and below, day and night, sun and
moon. All of these live within me.

And as the sun stops and changes
direction, I too am called to shift my
trajectory, turning away from what
no longer works, releasing what no
longer serves, letting go of ancestral
trauma and inherited patterns.
Welcoming the radiant light of my
sacred parents, I stand solidly on Earth
and imagine new ways of being.

Blessed be.

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