Elixir of Inspiration

Color of the day:  Orange
Incense of the day:  Hyacinth

July 3 is when the Festival of Cerridwen was observed. Cerridwen is a Welsh goddess who kept the cauldron of rebirth, transformation, and inspiration. We can work with Cerridwen today to harness that inspiration for ourselves.

Pour some water into your own cauldron or vessel. You can add items sacred to Cerridwen, including grain, oak, sage, sandalwood, and apple. Stir in a clockwise motion. Once the mixture has been combined, apply three drops of your elixir to your thumb to represent the three drops of Awen that fell on Gwion when he was gifted with inspiration. Chant:

Inspiration from drops of three.
Past, present, and future,
awaken the power within me.

The transformative and creative powers will now begin working with you.

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