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Staying Connected

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Frankincense

Use this charm to stay connected with your loved ones. Ideally, those wishing to be connected should create the bracelets together. Otherwise, bracelets may be sent to the other(s).

Each person will cut 12-inch lengths of cotton thread or embroidery floss in a favorite color, one length for each bracelet. Imagine person A chooses blue, person B red, and person C purple. Each person would cut three lengths of thread in their color. Each bracelet will include a length from each person. With the above example, each bracelet would have blue, red, and purple strands.

Form a bracelet by twisting or braiding the strands together. Tie a figure-eight knot in the middle of each: a sign of the infinite nature of friendship.

Tie bracelets to wrists with square knots. As each knot is tied, say:

Friends together, friends forever.

Each time you look at your bracelet, imagine your friend(s). When the bracelet falls off, write a letter to your friend(s), recalling shared memories.

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