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A Lammas Corn Ritual

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Lily

It’s Lammas, the first of the harvest sabbats, celebrating corn and Lugh, an ancient harvest god. Grains are honored during this sabbat, but especially corn.

Begin this ritual at sunrise. Cover your altar in yellow fabric. In the center, place one yellow candle. In front of the candle, lay one ear of corn with the husk removed. Safely light the candle. Meditate on how grains such as corn, the Mother of Seeds, have fed civilization since before recorded history. Then speak these words:

In the stars, the lion reigns.
On Earth, mighty Lugh
rules the grains.
Praise the harvest, praise the corn.
Thank you, Lord and Lady,
for this Lammas morn!

Snuff out the candle safely. Then with care, as if carrying a child, carry the ear of corn to a quiet place outside. Holding the corn, visualize all people on Earth being nourished and fed. Then gently lay the corn on the ground, so it may be shared with our wild friends, such as the squirrels.

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