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Demeter Offering

Color of the day:  Topaz
Incense of the day:  Honeysuckle

Perhaps it’s no mistake that National Beer Lover’s Day (today) falls in the middle of Virgo season, the sign symbolized by a virginal woman holding a sheaf of wheat. (It’s important to note that in the ancient world, virginal didn’t mean chaste but rather autonomous.) As the grain and earth mother, who is both fiercely protective and fiercely independent (so much so that she even rebelled against Zeus and won), Demeter is the quintessential Virgo. She is a powerful incarnation of the Great Mother Goddess and can be invoked for protection, prosperity, transformation, health, magical power, and healing from disordered eating. Today, light a brown, tan, or golden candle to Demeter. Place a glass of beer or barley water on your altar and pour one for yourself. Say:

Great Goddess Demeter, I call on you.
Great Goddess Demeter, I drink to
you. Please help me with _______
(your intention). Thank you.

Mindfully drink your libation. Then extinguish the candle, go outside, and offer Demeter’s beverage to the earth.

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