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Blessed Feet, Blessed Path

Color of the day:  Pink
Incense of the day:  Orchid

Today the moon is in Pisces, the astrological sign that rules the feet. We often don’t give love to our feet like we do to other parts of our body, even though they transport us every day. This spell uses massage oil to bless our feet and ask that they lead us onto the right paths.

Sit in a chair and rest one foot on the opposite knee. Pour about a teaspoon of oil into one of your palms. Raise your palm close to your mouth and speak this spell aloud so that your breath causes the oil to move:

Healing hands and healing oil,
Allow all tension to uncoil.
A blessing on me, toes to heel,
Direct me to the paths ideal.

Join your hands and then wrap them around one foot. Massage it with slow strokes. After a few minutes, pour more oil, speak the spell again, and switch feet.

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