Purify with Sound

Color of the day:  Silver
Incense of the day:  Hyssop

As we move back into our houses after the free-flowing ease of summer, it’s good to smudge and cleanse our home space. Reset the energy. Release what no longer works and bring in the new.

While sage, sweetgrass, and cedar all make great smudge material, many people have difficulty breathing smoke, and many homes have sensitive smoke detectors that make smoke smudging difficult, so use sound to purify your environment. A bell, a crystal bowl, clackers, or even clapping hands can be used to move energy. Sound has vibration, so it literally can reach into the corners of any room and help to stir up, disrupt, and remove any stagnant energy.

Consciously go from room to room in your home, ringing a bell, clapping your hands, or letting the crystal bowl hum and fill the space. Feel the shivers up your spine, and know that energy is shifting.

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