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Praise for the Grapes (and Dionysus)

Color of the day:  Orange
Incense of the day:  Hyacinth

September is the time of the grape harvest where we live in California, and we like to commemorate this event by invoking the blessings of the Greek god Dionysus. For this spell you will need a glass of wine (or grape juice), preferably from near where you live.

This spell requires that you leave a libation to Dionysus, poured directly onto the earth. We recommend saying the blessing spell where you will pour the wine.

Great Dionysus, god of the vine,
god of the grape, we thank you for
these blessings of the harvest! As
you give to us, so we give to you.
Accept this offering of the sacred
wine, and may the blessings of joy
and abundance you bring wash over
us and this space. So mote it be!

Take a sip of the wine and pour the rest of it on the ground for the god.

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