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Fairy and Folk Tales

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Bay laurel

Are there days when you just want to get away from consensual reality? One way to do this is to turn yourself (temporarily!) into a fairy in a tale of princesses, princes, enchanted beasts, or wizards. Reread your favorites, such as the Grimm brothers’ Household Tales, The Lord of the Rings, or Wicked, for starters. Watch The Wizard of Oz and Into the Woods. How soon do you notice that there aren’t any fairies in these true and faux folk tales, novels, and plays?

Read your favorite story again. Cast yourself as a character. Become a real fairy. Who can you make friends with? Examine the world of the story. Of course it’s not perfect. If it were, there’d be no plot. As a fairy, what can you do to change the story? Improve the life of the princess or the cinder girl? Create a happier ending? Here’s your invocation:

I am the Good Fairy.
As I enter this story,
My intentions are good.
I bring good magic to balance the bad.

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