Pillars of Protection

Color of the day:  Rose
Incense of the day:  Mint

This spell creates four energetic pillars, one in each cardinal direction, anchoring your home in protective, balanced energy. Find a comfortable meditative position, roughly in the center of your home. Close your eyes and allow earth energy to rise upward, through your body and out the crown of your head. Simultaneously, allow sky energy to cascade through your crown and down through your root chakra.

When you feel centered and balanced, envision your home or property, and starting in the north, call up a pillar of earth energy, grounding and anchoring, as you say:

I call on the power of earth to
protect and balance this home.

Moving clockwise, repeat with a pillar of fire in the east, air in the south, and water in the west. Finish by visualizing all four pillars, strong and luminous, and thank the elements for guarding your home. Allow the earth and sky flows to taper off, returning your energy to a neutral state.

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