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Embrace Change

Color of the day:  Blue
Incense of the day:  Sandalwood

At this time of year, many people enjoy the enchanting sight of autumn leaves. Their fiery colors represent the beauty that arises from embracing change.

On your next walk, collect several autumn leaves. (You can also use green leaves, flowers, or a clipping of grass. They change with time too, so they will work.) When you return home, place them in a dish on your altar. With deep breaths, tap into their energy. Imagine their lives, from when they were first hidden in a branch, then grew into tiny green buds and into maturity. See how the sun and weather changed every day, and as the sunlight decreased, the leaves responded by changing color. Finally, envision the leaves letting go of what they knew and floating to the ground, peacefully surrendering.

Keep the dish of leaves as a reminder of how beautiful change is and how you can embrace it with grace. When you no longer need the reminder, place the leaves in a jar and use them in future magical works for change.

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