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Symbols of Healing Love

Color of the day:  Scarlet
Incense of the day:  Cedar

For this self-love healing spell, you’ll need a washable marker in the color of your choice. Spend some time in meditation, asking your higher self what within you needs healing right now. If it’s a mental-emotional situation, get a sense of where in your body you feel the strongest connection to this issue.

Then ask your higher self what healing words or symbols would be most beneficial right now. It could be something like “love,” “forgiveness,” or “be gentle with yourself,” or you might see an image of a Reiki symbol, rune, astrological glyph, etc.

Focusing on your healing intention, use the marker to write or draw your healing symbol on the body area you identified in meditation. Intend that these words or symbols will release the perfect amount and form of healing energy until you wash the marking off.

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