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Honoring TDoR Vigil

Color of the day:  Amber
Incense of the day:  Frankincense

November 20 is Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR), an observance that honors the memory of the transgender people whose lives have been lost in acts of antitransgender violence. Healing isn’t just for the living; we can do work that aids those who have passed on as well, whether we knew them or not, through vigils and similar rituals.

For TDoR, the vigil typically includes lighting a candle and reciting a list of names of all those lost in the past year. Look up those names (visit and prepare a white candle to burn on your altar. A contained tealight or glass votive will both work well. Light the candle, say the names, and pass along this message:

To those who have been lost,
you are not forgotten.
May this light be a beacon of hope
that shines in all dark places,
Guiding all to deeper
understanding and compassion.
Blessed be your spirit!

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