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Sadness Be Gone Spell

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Carnation

February 2 is an auspicious day for many: it is Candlemas, Imbolc, and Groundhog Day. Moreover, February can be one of the coldest months in the Northern Hemisphere, with snow heavy on the ground. Fragile snowdrop plants begin to push their way up through the frozen land to greet us, a sign that the earth is once again emerging from her winter sleep. In Hedgewitchery, we often call Imbolc the Snowdrop Festival.

The festivals around this time are regarded as celebrations of light, as the light is dawning after a dark winter’s night. Further, even though magic is within everything, there are a number of traditional symbols of magic. One in particular is the bell, which is said to drive away evil spirits, including the winter blues. In the Craft, bells are used to invoke the Goddess or to call the elementals and to drive away winter and sadness.

If you have been suffering or feeling low, cast this spell today to renew your spirit and embrace the coming of spring. You will need a bell of any size, a white candle, and a snowdrop plant or a picture of one. If you don’t have a bell, there are lots of videos online of a bell ringing, or you might have a bell sound effect on your phone.

Safely light the candle and look upon the snowdrop. Hold the bell in your left hand (if you’re using one) and say:

Festival of light,
Release the pain that I feel
When thrice the bell peals.

Then slowly ring the bell three times and blow out the candle. Watch the smoke rise, taking your pain with it. 

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