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Smelling the Future

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Heliotrope

Smelling the future … Well, not precisely. However, using an incense with properties that help us open up to the energies of looking forward can aid us while divining the future and using our psychic sight and sixth sense. Thus, the scent can help boost the vision.

So what can we use to smell the future? Well, today’s planetary ruler is the sun, and solar herbs have properties that help us illuminate possibilities and look forward. A favorite that most people have on hand, either in resin form or as stick incense, is frankincense. Frankincense resin even has a sunny golden sort of color. Before diving into the week that lies ahead, light some frankincense on your altar and recite:

Golden tears of the sun,
Shed a light on this week to come.
May my visions bring to view
Insight into this week brand-new!

Now use your favorite method of divination to tap into your psychic senses and divine wisdom. Blessings!

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